Ideas for Making Flower Planters

Flower planters, especially large or ornate planters, can be expensive. However, by investing more time and less money, you can give your house and yard a unique look by creating your own flower planters. Whether you are handy or not, have fun designing and decorating planters for your front lawn. With some practice, patience and preparation you may find that you have a new and rewarding hobby as well as some fabulous new flower planters.


Wooden flower planters are simple yet leave room for creativity. Use railroad ties log-cabin style to build a large flower planter. Use a long-lasting, moisture-resistant wood such as western white cedar to build a box-shaped flower planter out of boards. The box can be as big or as small as you need it to be. If you want a taller box, put a false bottom in your box. Build planters with three sides, five sides or six sides if you would rather think outside the box.


Concrete flower planters may be a little more challenging, but they allow a lot of room for creativity. You will need to build a plywood frame--an outer form and an inner form. With some concrete mix, patience and some mess you can have a unique and long-lasting flower planter. Additionally, you can decorate your concrete planter with a mosaic of broken plates or tiles.

Found Objects

Found-object flower planters can be fun and easy to make. Look around your house and yard as well as at every rummage sale or town dump you come across and find an assortment of objects to use as flower planters. Some common objects are shoes, boots, old wagons, metal buckets, tree stumps and claw-foot bathtubs. Off the beaten track are flower planters made of Legos, woks, helmets, toilets and any other object that can hold dirt, roots and moisture.

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