The Best Perennial Hanging Flowers

A beautiful hanging basket filled with colorful perennial flowers can command the stage of a garden, big or small. Perennial flowers are a practical choice for hanging plants because you do not have to change or buy new plants every season. A number of cascading and trailing perennial flowering plants are available that you can use for hanging baskets. Use one type or mix them up together for a wonderful show of blooms.

Ivy Geraniums

Known botanically as Pelargonium peltatum, ivy geraniums make beautiful hanging or window-box plants. Choose from at least 75 cultivars available commercially. Choose white, pink, lavender, magenta or scarlet. Some have striped accents that can add more visual appeal. The three major types of ivy geraniums are the Balcon series, the intermediate cascade series and the mini cascade series. Choose the Balcon series if you prefer long trailing ivies that grow up to four feet in one season. The intermediate cascade grows up to three feet, while the mini cascade series grows up to two feet per season. Planting ivy geraniums in ordinary well-drained soil will prevent edema, which is a common disease of this plant. Over-fertilization will produce excessive foliage, but few flowers. Fertilize lightly every two weeks. Removing spent flowers can enhance flowering, while pinching of shoots will promote bushiness.

Santa Barbara Daisy

Some people refer to Santa Barbara daisy as Mexican daisy. Its botanical name is Erigeron karvinskianus. They come in white or pink with the yellow-colored middle part. Santa Barbara daisy loves full sun and conservative watering. It is drought-tolerant; therefore, a good choice if you are conserving water. Bees love Santa Barbara daisies; therefore, keep this in mind when placing your hanging baskets close to where people will gather. One plant can spread out to about two feet that can reach up to eight inches high. Enjoy this flower almost all year long. It is one of the first flowers in spring and one of the last ones in the winter. Santa Barbara daisies prefer the coastal climate, but the summer heat can make it shut down. As soon as the cool autumn air comes, it perks up to bloom through the hard frost.

Moorcap Roses

Moorcap roses, also known as red cascades, provide vibrant, crimson colored miniature blooms. Gardeners use this climber on fences, trellises and as ground covers. Some opt to use these miniature roses for their hanging baskets due to their abundant blooms and mild fragrance. The average flower's size is about one inch in diameter with full (24 to 40 petals) bloom form. Moorcap roses bloom in flushes throughout the season. They grow up to almost two feet high and about six to eight feet wide.

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