How to Care for a Teak Garden


Growing teak either commercially or as a hobby requires large areas of land because of the quick growth of these very large trees. Teak requires a lot of water and will only grow in tropical climates, thus limiting its usability in North America. However, if you have land in a tropical area, teak grow very quickly and can form a good, shady canopy in as little as six or seven years.

Step 1

Ensure that you have adequate space for your teak garden or plantation. Teak trees grow very quickly and can reach over 70 feet in around seven years.

Step 2

Ensure that trees are evenly spaced at a rate of 500 trees per acre of growing space. Teak is best planted on cleared land. Teak doesn't do well when it has to compete with other trees, including other teak trees.

Step 3

Plant your teak in deep soils that drain well. Teak grows best in areas that get between 60 and 100 inches of natural rain per year. Teak does best with an average annual temperature of between 70 and 80 degrees F.

Step 4

Actively remove weeds and other competing plants until the teak stand is three or four years old. After that, the canopy forms to the point that shading helps in preventing the growth of competing species.

Step 5

Overplant the trees to more quickly grow a thick canopy, then thin the treas to 500 trees per acre once the canopy has formed. Thinning the stand too early, or taking too many trees while thinning, can encourage undesirable side branching and growth.

Step 6

Prune lower branches at the time of canopy closure to begin to allow thick, commercially valuable trees to develop. Prune 6 to 10 feet of each stem at a time just after the main leaf-producing season. Prune branches by cutting them off about 1 foot from the main trunk. After removing the branch, saw off the 1-foot stub.

Things You'll Need

  • Pruning saw
  • Shovel


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