How to Display Crystal Prisms in the Garden


Crystal prisms are meant to dangle freely so they can catch the sun and throw colorful points of light in all directions. You can display crystal prisms in your garden individually or as embellishments attached to other garden art objects. Hang an assortment from a single tree to create a crystal focal point or make a mobile to hang from a shepherd's hook. Look for crystal prisms online at wedding and chandelier parts retailers or in local specialty stores.

Step 1

Find an old metal light fixture with arms like a chandelier at local yard sales or in thrift markets. It doesn't matter what the light fixture looks like, but it should have arms or several points where you can hang and display your crystal prisms.

Step 2

Cut away and remove the electrical wire from the light fixture. Remove the ceiling cap, if there is one. Remove any lightbulbs. Clean the fixture to remove debris or peeling paint. Wipe the entire fixture with rubbing alcohol. This will remove all of the fingerprints and provide an optimum painting surface.

Step 3

Spray-paint the light fixture black so that it resembles wrought iron. Select a black metal spray-paint that's rated for exterior use. Black will also showcase your crystal display best. Make sure that you paint the chain as well as the fixture. Allow the paint to dry completely. You may need to spray it more than once to fully cover the entire light fixture.

Step 4

Cut sections of monofilament line double the length that you would like for your crystal prisms to dangle. Thread one line through each crystal and double it so that the ends meet. Tie the lines onto the light fixture with an overhand knot to display your crystals. Add a drop of jeweler's glue on top of the knot to secure it and to hold it in place on the light fixture.

Step 5

Insert small taper candles into the candle arms in place of the lightbulbs.

Step 6

Hang the light fixture from a tree branch in your garden. The chain from the fixture will hook easily over a nail.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal chandelier base
  • Wire cutters
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cloth
  • Black spray paint
  • Crystal prisms
  • Monofilament line
  • Scissors
  • Jeweler's glue
  • Small taper candles
  • Nail


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