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Some 200 species of the jasmine plant exist, with these flowering shrubs and vines tracing their beginnings to Asia, Africa or Europe. Jasmine produces delicate flowers of different colors, and gardeners have the ability to shape the vines and shrubs to fit their needs.


One popular type of jasmine, Arabian jasmine, has 1-inch-wide white flowers that develop in clusters of as many as 12 flowers in one grouping. Arabian jasmine is very fragrant and as the summer progresses the flower turns pinkish.


The many species of jasmine flowers have various points of origins, with some cultivated for so long that where they came from is impossible to determine. The Star jasmine is native to parts of New Guinea, while Arabian jasmine probably comes from the Indian subcontinent.


Jasmine flowers symbolize desirable traits such as elegance, grace and modesty, according to the Living Arts Originals website.


The jasmine vine or shrub is an easy plant for gardeners to grow, requiring moist soil and warm temperatures to thrive.


Confederate jasmine grows on a long vine and is a five-petaled white bloom that resembles a pinwheel. Despite the name, indicating it is from the Deep South, it actually comes from China.


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