How to Install Lawn Edging


Lawn edging is the perfect way to add landscaping to your yard without adding a lot of extra cost. Edging can serve many purposes such as keeping your mulch in place and keeping it from washing away, it provides a place for roots to take hold and separates your lawn from your garden. Installing edging around your garden is also an excellent way to show off your flowerbeds. There are several types of edging and they are all fairly easy to install.

Step 1

Choose the type of edging that will work best for your lawn. The type of edging you use may be dependent on cost and location of the area you are going to edge. If cost is an object, choose a plastic edging, which tends to be the cheapest. Molded bricks and pavers are the most expensive way to edge your lawn.

Step 2

Plan out how and where you want to lay your edging. Measure the area so that you will know exactly how much you need to purchase. It's a good idea to purchase a few feet more than what you actually need to account for errors. Use spray paint to paint a line on the ground exactly where the edging will lay. If you do not have spray paint you can choose to lay a garden hose down instead. This will help you when you actually begin installing the edging.

Step 3

Dig a trench where you have spray painted the ground in preparation to lay the edging. The trench should be 4-6 inches wide. If your edging is 4 inches wide then dig the trench 5 inches so the edging will sit down into the trench.

Step 4

Place the edging into the trench. If you are using the plastic roll type, hammer the thin edge into place while leaving 1/2 inch above ground level. For brick edging, put a thin layer of sand inside the trench to keep the bricks in place. If you are using pavers, set those inside the trench.

Step 5

Fill the trench up with the original loose soil. Pack the soil down so that the edging is secure. Fill in all holes to keep weeds out and to make the area look more uniform. Once the edging is in you can place your mulch inside the edging area.

Things You'll Need

  • Edging
  • Spray paint
  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Garden hose


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