How to Make Your Own Upside Down Strawberry Planter


Traditional strawberry plants are grown from the ground up, and the fruit can droop and rot on the ground. The benefit of an upside-down strawberry planter is that it prevents this process. It also keeps your plants at eye-level, making care and picking easier. You can use this planter outdoors in your garden or indoors near a sunny window.

Step 1

Peel off the label on your 2-liter soda bottle. If glue residue remains, fill the bottle with hot tap water and let sit for two minutes, then use a dry paper towel to rub off the glue. Remove and discard the lid.

Step 2

Use a utility knife to cut off the bottom of your 2-liter bottle. Cut two 3-inch holes from the sides of the bottle closer to the top of the bottle.

Step 3

Punch four holes into your pop bottle about an inch below the line where you cut off the bottom. Evenly distribute the holes because you'll be using them to hang the planter.

Step 4

Measure a piece of twine so that it's a few inches longer than you need it to be to hang it from your desired location. Use this piece as a template to cut three more pieces of twine so that you have four pieces.

Step 5

Add the three strawberry plants to your planter. Place the first one so that greenery hangs through the nozzle of the bottle with the roots inside. Fill the planter with moist potting soil to the bottom of the other two holes. Gently guide a plant into each of the holes you cut so that the roots are inside the bottle and the leaves and stems are outside. Fill the rest of the way with soil.

Step 6

Tie a piece a twine to your bottle at each of the four holes you punched. Bring the ends of your twine together and tie into a single knot at the very top. Hang in a sunny spot. Water until the soil is just moist but not sopping wet.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-liter soda bottle
  • Utility knife
  • Hole punch
  • Twine
  • 3 strawberry plants
  • Moist potting soil


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