Lawn Pest Treatment


For every type of bug plaguing a lawn, there's a treatment available. Homeowners have a range of options at their disposal to keep their lawns intact and pest-free.


Gardeners have a range of options for treating lawn pests, among them are chemical insecticides, biological insecticides, botanical insecticides and insecticidal soaps.


With the wide range of products available in nurseries and garden centers, gardeners can address lawn pest problems, but for heavy or unusual infestations, professional services may offer the best solution.


Cost for lawn pest treatment will very likely be less for the gardener who chooses to do it herself; however, she may spend more time addressing the issue, particularly if the first method of treatment is not effective.


Chemical insecticides effectively rid the lawn of pests, but also kill good insects, and leave toxic residues behind that can harm humans and pets. Organic treatments target the pests without harmful effects, although they can aggravate allergies.


Pest treatments are available as sprays, granular applications and soaps. Gardeners should choose the form that best suits the severity of the pest infestation as well as cost.


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