How to Grow Peach Trees From Seeds


Peach trees can be grown from the seeds found in the middle of a peach. This process is different from the asexual process usually used by peach growers and may entail combining the genetics from two trees. The resulting fruit from planting a seed may not be identical to the fruit you started with; however, if you are willing to take a chance, you may find yourself with a fruit-bearing tree in a few years' time.

Step 1

Remove the almond-like seed from the middle of the hard woody outer coating of the peach pit. There is a chance that the seed will grow within the casing, but you stand a better chance if you break the seed coating yourself. If there is no crack in the wood, try tapping it gently with a hammer on a hard surface. Pry the pit open and take out the seed inside.

Step 2

Moisten a paper towel or sphagnum moss and wrap it around the seed. You will need to mimic the cold cycle of the weather where peaches prefer to grow and break the dormancy inherent in the seed. Place the wrapped seed in a plastic bag and store it in a cool place, or between 35 and 45 degrees, for three months. The vegetable drawer of your refrigerator is a common choice for this process.

Step 3

Check the seed for signs of sprouting and root growth. If there is nothing, set the seed back in the cool storage and wait another week. It is wise to start with several seeds since there is rarely 100 percent germination with peach seeds. Remove the sprouted seeds from the cold storage.

Step 4

Prepare a small plant pot by filling it with potting soil and then create a hole in the center for the seed, about 3 inches deep. Set the sprouted peach seed in the hole with the rooting end down, being very careful not to damage the growth. Replace the soil over the seed and tap it down gently.

Step 5

Water the planted peach seed until the water drips out from the bottom of the pot. Set it in a sunny window and water when the soil seems dry on the surface. You can transplant the seedling outside once the weather has warmed and all danger of frost has passed.

Things You'll Need

  • Peach seed
  • Hammer
  • Paper towel/sphagnum moss
  • Plastic bag
  • Planting pot
  • Potting soil


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