Care of Hollyhocks in the Fall


Hollyhocks are an excellent addition to your garden border, growing up to eight feet tall and producing a variety of colors. Many hollyhocks do not bloom until the second year and thrive in sunny locations in rich, well-drained soil. Hollyhocks do not require much attention in the fall, but with proper care will reward you with beautiful blossoms in the spring.

Step 1

Cut stalks to the ground. Otherwise, leave them alone if you want them to reseed. If your hollyhocks have been infested with rust disease, it will be necessary to cut them down and remove and dispose of all the cuttings from your garden.

Step 2

Place four inches of mulch over the cut hollyhocks to prevent damage from frost.

Step 3

Move hollyhocks now if you plan on giving them a new home in your garden. Do this especially if they are overcrowded to reduce chances of rust disease infestation.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch


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