Remedies for Keeping Chickens Out of Flower Gardens

Some gardeners enjoy raising chickens, both for their entertainment value, as well as for fresh eggs and cheap fertilizer for the garden. Chickens love searching for bugs and, in the act of digging them up, can quickly decimate your flower beds and garden. Your chickens may also be attracted to your flower plants' foliage or garden produce. If you garden, take steps to protect your hard work from your hungry chickens.


Keep your chickens contained in their chicken coop. If you want to let your flock out to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, consider constructing a chicken run that contains them within their own patch of earth. A chicken run typically consists of an enclosure connected to the chicken coop and covered on the sides and top by wire. The wire both contains your birds while preventing predators from attacking them. Construction plans for a run can be obtained from most feed stores or poultry hatcheries.


Set up fencing around your flower beds or garden. Most domestic chickens don't fly very high, and a fence height of three to four feet is typically sufficient for keeping out curious poultry. Fencing can be simply utilitarian, such as chicken wire nailed to wood stakes. Alternatively, setup an ornamental fence like a white picket fence to complement your flowers while still keeping the chickens at bay.

Chicken Leashes

A chicken leash, available from feed stores and mail-order hatcheries, works similar to a traditional pet leash. The soft, cushioned end is connected to the chicken's foot. The opposite end is tied or pounded to a ground anchor. Leashing allows your chickens to roam in your yard without being able to access your flowers or garden. This remedy offers several advantages over fencing, as it is less of an eyesore and also cheaper. Make sure you supervise your chickens while leashed, as they will not be able to flee from a predator should one approach them.

Strategic Planting

Planting a dense, short shrub around the border of your flower garden can keep out all but the most determined chicken. Examples include false cypress and dwarf boxwood shrubs. This remedy is not fail-proof, and you may still occasionally find a chicken scrounging for bugs amidst your flowers.

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