How to Design a Lattice Trellis


A lattice trellis can be designed from fallen branches or it can be built from commercial lattice materials available at lumber yards. To design your trellis you have to determine what kind of style will best suit your garden. For more formal lattice panels, commercial wood panels may be more suitable. For more casual and organic garden designs, a natural lattice panel may be more appropriate.

Step 1

Measure the location where the trellis will be installed. If the trellis is being used to screen some less attractive object or view then the trellis may be larger and more expensive to build.

Step 2

Determine what type of plant you intend to use on the trellis. Some plants, like wisteria, can crush a standard trellis and may require a very strong structure. Grapes may require substantial overhead structures, and lighter flowers and beans may need only the thinnest wires or wood.

Step 3

Formulate a budget that will cover the structure, any treatments like paint, stain or sealer, installation costs, new plant costs and more. Be sure to include any landscape demolition costs and any watering system changes.

Step 4

Select the trellis style that works well with both your home and garden. An existing garden will often have a style that has already been established. The materials you select for your trellis style should enhance the existing garden and at the same time they should relate to the architectural style of the home.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Plant selection
  • Budget


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