How to Prune Yucca Flower Stalks


A healthy yucca plant may grow as tall as 10 feet. Whether you grow this striking plant outdoors in the soil or in a container, it is generally easy to grow and maintain. Give the yucca plant enough room to spread its long fronds out as it grows and make sure you do not place it in a location where the sharp fronds can cut people as they pass by. Keep the plant looking healthy by pruning the flower stalks when they begin to fade.

Step 1

Prune the flower stalks either after the blooms have completely faded or just before.

Step 2

Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands from the sharp fronds of the yucca plant.

Step 3

Using the pruning shears, trim the flower stalks just above the point where they sprout from the stem.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears


  • Gardening Know How: Yucca Plants
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