How to Propagate Canna Lilly From Seeds


The canna lily is is one of those plants that will grow just about anywhere yet make your backyard look like a tropical paradise. Large, brightly colored flowers bloom in June and continue until the first frost. After flowering, the canna lily will develop a pod containing one to several seeds. Allow the pods to brown and they will eventually crack open, allowing you to gather the seeds. The seed coat is very tough and must be cut or nicked to allow germination. The canna lily is hardy to USDA Zones 8a to 11.

Step 1

Use the clippers to nick the seed. You will only need to remove a tiny portion of the seed coat.

Step 2

Drop the seeds into a bowl of room-temperature water and allow to soak for five days.

Step 3

Pour the potting mix into the seeding tray and water well. Allow the water to drain from the bottom.

Step 4

Plant the seeds, one inch into the soil and cover lightly with soil.

Step 5

Place the seeding tray in an area that gets six hours of sunlight per day.

Things You'll Need

  • Small nail clippers
  • Water
  • Sterile potting mix
  • Seeding tray


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