Plants That Can Be Grown Upside Down

Upside down gardening is planting plants that normally require staking in a hanging planter that allows the plants to grow from the bottom of the container while water and nutrients are supplied by adding them into the top of the container. Upside down gardening works well for people who have limited space to garden or have limited mobility.


Cucumbers are produced on vines that grow large and take up lots of garden space. However, there are bush varieties available, such as the "General Lee" variety, that produce cucumbers on a much shorter vine than the traditional cucumber plants. The shorter bush varieties of cucumber are appropriate for planting in an upside down planter.

Indeterminate Tomato Plants

Indeterminate tomato plants grow into a long vining plant that produces tomatoes as long as the correct temperatures and growing conditions are available. Determinate tomato plants produce tomatoes on a shorter vine in a short amount of time, usually over 6 weeks and then need to be removed from the garden. It is the indeterminate varieties that do best in an upside down planter because the long vines don't need to be staked and you can harvest tomatoes for a long period. If temperatures are too hot for production in mid summer, the indeterminate tomato plant can be pruned back and it will recover and produce tomatoes in the fall when the weather clears.


Pepper plants that produce larger peppers such as bell or poblano pepper plants are suitable for upside down planters. Although all pepper plants can be grown in an upside down planter, bell and poblano pepper plants can get large in the garden so you can save space with the upside planter if you include peppers.

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