Ideas for Planting Window Boxes

Window boxes are a great way to garden with a lack or space or to add color or interest to your home or apartment. While window boxes are small, there are plenty of ways to make them great "mini-gardens" with lots of variety. As long as your window boxes get full to partial sun, these window box planting ideas will be great for your gardening needs.


Instead of just flowers, why not plant some herbs in the window boxes? Not only will you have a fresh supple of herbs, which can get expensive if bought at the grocery store, but you will know how they were grown and where they come from. Rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil are all great window box herbs. You can even grow mint in a window box, although you might want to give it its own box since it will spread.


Since they are such limited space gardens, keep the color palette to a minimum to increase the impact when you plant window boxes. Choose one to three colors and fill your window boxes with flowers of those colors, but all different types, like zinnias and petunias, to increase interest and texture while maintaining a sense of order and cohesion.


Grow plants and flowers of differing heights to give the window boxes some added interest. Plant hanging plants in the front, like Lobelia or Ivy, a low flower in the middle, like marigolds or daisies, and taller flowers or foliage in the back for added dimensions.

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