Patio Landscape Ideas

Patio's can be a lovely area of your home to use to entertain friends and family or simply relax. Creating an inviting and colorful patio using flowers and shrubs is the perfect way to update the space. Add colorful perennial plants, which shoot up every year healthier and stronger, in hanging baskets or in containers. Nestle an outdoor fountain in the patio landscape for a vibrant focal point.

Hanging Baskets

Patios are an ideal structure for hanging plants and flowers in baskets. Add colorful draping plants like verbena and sedum to the pots for a magnificent draping effect. Tie in other colors from the surrounding landscape into the baskets to create balance and contrast with the patio. Another stunning hanging basket is the fern. Available in a range of textures and sizes, the billowing effects of this plant will fill out the hanging basket and around the patio. When hanging the baskets, have shorter and longer attachments so each basket looks different, and the patio landscape becomes your own interesting and visual appealing design.


Under the hanging baskets and around the perimeter of the patio, nestle colorful outdoor containers filled with your favorite flowers. The key to a perfect container is balance and color. Always mix different heights and textures to create a colorful design. Use a tall plant in the back of the container, such as the vibrant coneflower or sherbet-colored daylilies. In the front of the container, plant a green creeping plant like thyme or golden trumpet. Or, use plants with all the same bloom color. Create an all-white container using white superbells also referred to as miniature petunias, which have continuous masses of blooms and look stunning in containers and pots. Add to front of the pot white creeping phlox, which will fill out around the base of the container and drip down with their beautiful delicate white flowers.

Privacy Screen

Plant evergreen shrubs like dwarf cedar and spruce around the perimeter of the patio. Evergreens not only retain their vibrant color throughout the year, but they can also create the perfect privacy fence for your outdoor space. Plant them side by side to create this inviting space. In between the trees, add ground cover to creep around and add another layer of texture and greenery to your patio. Blue star creeper, a bushy ground cover, is especially attractive along a patio.

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