Lawn Seeding Tips

Seeding your own lawn can reward you with a lush and healthy landscape. It takes some time and patience, but requires minimal supplies compared to sodding a lawn. There are some key things to remember when seeding your lawn, such as integrating the seeds to the soil and protecting the seeds after planting. Consider what type of seeding will provide the best results.

When to Seed

Seeding is mostly done is the spring and fall seasons, but the most ideal time to seed your lawn is in late summer or early fall, after the threat of crabgrass and too much heat has passed. This will ensure that the soil is warm enough to germinate the seeds, and by the time the grass is established, it will be able to carry itself through the winter season.

Types of Seeding

There are a couple types of seeding, depending on what you need for your lawn. Spot seeding is a quick, simple method to repair small holes, high-traffic areas and dead spots. Overseeding a lawn is when the seeds cover the entire lawn area in order to thicken up the growth. Lawn renovation is for lawns that are extremely thin and need to almost be completely re-planted. The method of slice-seeding (or verti-cut seeding) is ideal for growing grass because it "drills" the seed into the soil without having to remove a large amount of thatch.

How Much Grass You Need

Measure the surface area of the planting area, then refer to the chart on your grass seed package to figure out how much you need per square foot. Apply a granular fertilizer over the entire lawn two to three days before planting the grass seed.

Grass Seed Protection

It is vital to protect the grass seeds after you plant them in the lawn. After planting, layer peat moss, shredded bark or organic mulch about 1/4 inch thick over all the seed. This helps retain moisture, protect from foraging birds and protect the seeds from weather elements.

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