Home and Garden Tips for a Flower Garden

A home flower garden is an ideal addition to any household or landscape, adding splashes of color and pleasant fragrance. It can be small or large, with dozens of flower choices. There are many things to take into consideration--such as location, size, purpose or appearance in color contrast--especially for beginner gardeners.

Plant Various Flowers

Consider all the types of flowers you can have in your garden. This all depends on your region, climate and budget. Think of flower colors you'd like, the size of the garden (the more space, the more variation) and the different heights of flowers. Consider planting flowering shrubs, bulbs or groundcovers. You can find flowering plants that bear fruit, even. Plant different heights and breeds for color and depth variation. This will make your flower garden more enjoyable for your home.

Prepare Soil Before Planting

Most flowers need moist, well-drained soil. Ideally, the proper soil consistency should be crumbly and thick but easy to shift around. You can improve your soil by adding certain materials to balance the pH out. For sandy soil, you need to add hummus to retain moisture. If you have clay soil, add compost or manure in order to break up the particles and let moisture drain.

Placing Flowers

You must have your flower garden in an area where it gets about 6 hours of full sunlight per day. In many neighborhoods, it can be difficult to find an area like this between the shade from trees, houses, and chimneys. If there is no sunny area, choose flowers that favor the shade so they will do well--good examples are foxgloves, geraniums, bleeding heart or hosta.

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