How to Select the Best Grass Seed for Southern Lawns


Nothing creates a more lovely and family friendly yard than grass. Soft and cool, grass provides an excellent area for running, rolling, picnics and pets. When selecting they type of lawn for a Southern yard, there are several things that must be determined.

Step 1

Determine the amount of sun exposure in the area where the grass will be planted. Various varieties of grass require different amounts of sunlight. Typical Southern grasses that fair well in the shade are chewing fescue, hard fescue, and perennial rye grass. Typical varieties that thrive in the sun include tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass.

Step 2

Determine the amount of traffic the grass with receive. High traffic grasses include Kentucky bluegrass and hard fescue.

Step 3

Determine the amount of time available to take care of the lawn. Kentucky bluegrass requires much less time and care than turfs such as the fescues or tiffways.

Step 4

Determine the overall drought resistance requirements for the grass. Turfs such as tiffways and fescues are much more drought resistant than rye grass.

Step 5

Determine the desired time frame for the lawn to establish itself. Growing a lawn from seeds takes the longest, whereas sod provides an instant yard.


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