Indoor Citrus Plants That Kids Can Grow

For an excellent way to teach kids about growing plants, try citrus. A wide selection of citrus plants are available as dwarf varieties that are well suited for kids to grow indoors. Children can care for citrus easily and will be excited to watch the trees grow larger and bloom with beautiful, fragrant flowers that will eventually become delicious fruit.


Kids will love picking oranges from their own tree to eat. Many types of oranges can be trained to grow indoors. Dwarf varieties include Trovita, Valencia and Navel oranges. Calamondin orange trees are naturally well suited to indoor growing because they don't get very large. They require little care, making them a good choice for kids to grow.


Lemon trees are among the very easiest citrus plants for kids to grow indoors. Lemon produces a lot of fruit, year round and kids will drinking lemonade from their fresh lemons. Varieties such as Lisbon, Eureka and the unique Meyer lemon, which is actually a cross between a sour orange and a lemon, are all good choices for indoor growing, requiring less care than most citrus.

Tangerines, Tangelos

Many tangerine varieties, including, Darcy, Satsuma, Murcott and Page Mandarin, can be grow as dwarf trees indoors. Tangelos are actually crosses between tangerines and grapefruit can also make good indoor trees. Tangerines and tangelos are some of the best citrus plants for kids to grow because they are sweet and tasty.


Kumquats are truly different from other citrus fruit. Children will find it amazing that the rind is mildly sweet and the fruit can be eaten whole. The Nagami variety of Kumquat is an excellent choice for growing indoors and produces clusters of bright orange, oblong fruit.

About Growing Citrus From Seeds

Citrus seeds can be planted from seed and this is an excellent way for children to see how seeds grow. However, trees grown from seeds often will not resemble the parent plant and may bear inferior fruit. Also, many dwarf varieties of citrus are actually standard trees that are grafted onto dwarf root stock. Trees grown from the seeds born by these will not produce dwarf plants.

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