Corner Lot Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping a corner lot depends heavily on the property's shape and also the amount of time and money the homeowner wishes to spend on setting up and maintaining the flora. Unlike middle lots, corner lots have challenges that are unique to them; that being said, they are offer attractive features that other lot designs do not provide.

Curtail Foot Traffic

A sprawling front lawn tempts pedestrians to make it a shortcut from one sidewalk to the other. Before long you may notice a well worn footpath crossing your property. Avoid this foot traffic---and the liabilities it brings to your homeowners' insurance---by installing a hedge. This greenery serves as a deterrent to casual pedestrians and underscores your privacy. Establish hedge plants near the sidewalk for best results. An attractive solution is the Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana); it is an evergreen tree that does well in a variety of soil conditions. Its "Kobold" cultivar remains smaller and consistent pruning develops an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Another option is the creation of a Cornish hedge; this setup utilizes boulders that surround an elongated earth mound. This makes the top and crevices of the stone hedge an excellent growth medium for native wildflowers, such as the Red Columbine (Aquilegia Canadensis) that does well in rocky areas.

Enhance Symmetry

If your lot is triangular in nature and the front portion is very wide, capitalize on the look by widening the walkway that leads to your door. Use flagstones proportionate to the sizing of your home. Pick a color scheme that complements other aspects of your landscape or your home. You may wish to do the same for the driveway to further subdivide the lot and allow for smaller slivers of property that you may then landscape differently.

Break Up Monotony

Keeping a lawn is easy, since it only requires mowing for weekly or biweekly maintenance. Breaking up the monotony with islands of color splashes and texture variations adds interest and visual appeal. Balance the appearance of assorted landscaping elements on paper before digging up any grass. Decide on a landscaping scheme that matches your taste for yard work. Xeriscaping is the easiest and least labor intensive form of landscaping to maintain kind. Curtail the need for water and capitalize on native plants that do well in the soil and weather conditions of your locale. Lava rock and mulch add textural highlights that make for attractive groundcovers.

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