How to Apply Labels to Flower Pots


Flowers are an ideal addition to any household, patio or landscape. Planting them in pots is a smart way to grow them, especially if you live somewhere with a severe winter climate. This way you can bring them indoors to have flowers year-round. When planting multiple flower pots (whether they are herbs, flowers, vegetables or fruits), it's important to keep track of what you are planting. You can do this with labels. On the labels, you can write not only what variety is in the pot, but also what date it was planted, as well as proper care or watering. You can purchase plant labels or create them yourself, to be stuck onto the pots, stuck in the soil, or placed in the ground near the planter pots.

Step 1

Decide if you want to make or purchase the flower pot labels. You can purchase waterproof stick-on labels at crafts stores or at gardening stores in a variety of sizes that can just be secured to the front of the flower pot. You can also create your own labels to be stuck into soil using materials found around the house. Just make sure that the labels are waterproof.

Step 2

Decide what type of information you want on the label to be applied to the flower pot. Make sure to add what the type of flower, herb, vegetable or fruit is in the pot, as well as when it was planted. You can also add information about how much sun or water it needs, or what other plants it can be next to that benefit it. For example, marigold and basil can help deter pests from vegetable plants if they are next to them. Use a permanent pen or marker.

Step 3

Apply the labels to the flower pots. If the labels already have an adhesive on the back of them, secure them flat against the flower pot's side. Smooth the label evenly over the pot to get rid of any air bubbles behind the adhesive. Make sure to put it on a place that is high up on the flower pot, in a spot where it can be viewed easily.

Step 4

Place labels without adhesives in other areas. If the label has a stick that needs to be stuck in soil to be secured, stick it at least 2 inches down into the edge of the flower pot between the side of it and the soil, so you do not disturb any plant roots. Or, you can stick these labels in soil outside of the flower pots right in front of them if there is room. This works best for only a few flower pots. If you have a large amount, it is best to use the self-adhesive labels, or labels stuck directly into the flower pot's soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Labels
  • Permanent (waterproof) marker or pen


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