How to Care for Bonsai Pachira Aquatica Plants


The Pachira aquatica is known by its more common name, the "money tree." Money trees are comprised of a series of intertwined trunks with green foliage on top. Trees usually have five to six leaves on top of each trunk. Like the rare four leaf clover, trees with seven leaves on each stem are considered particularly auspicious. The Pachira aquatica are given as gifts in many Asian cultures, but because they are associated with luck and income, some people will buy them and grow them. The more leaves on a Pachira aquatica, the more luck it is purported to bring into the household.

Step 1

Select a location for your Pachira aquatica. This tree is very tolerant of lighting conditions and will grow in low light. If you keep the tree in low light, you may need to place it in a sunny location once a week for three or four hours.

Step 2

Water the tree once a week. The Pachira aquatica doesn't require much water. The biggest mistake people make with this tree is over-watering.

Step 3

Feed your tree once a month with a half-strength organic fertilizer for flowering plants. Fish emulsion works well, but any dilutable organic fertilizer will work well.

Step 4

Add moss to the top of the bonsai pot if you are concerned about the tree drying out. The moss will act as a mulch and will do well in low light conditions.

Step 5

Remove the tree from the pot once every two years. Trim the roots back by a half to two-thirds and replant the tree. When replanting, replace the original soil with a good, commercially produced bonsai soil that contains clay, pumice and tree bark. If you have a local bonsai nursery, they likely will produce a type of soil that is very well suited for your climate.

Things You'll Need

  • Pachira aquatica bonsai
  • Organic fertilizer


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