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Water lilies are commonly found in natural and in garden ponds around the world, from the tropics all the way north to Alaska. Many species have striking flowers that open during the morning and close up at night, then die after three days.


Water lilies consist of eight different genera and about 70 species with numerous cultivars and hybrids. Main types include hardy, tropical and night blooming lilies.


Water lily flowers are usually very showy. They range from an inch or two in diameter to the largest flower, Victoria amazonica, which reaches about 14 inches across.


Water lily flower colors range form white, pink, red, orange, yellow, blue and purple with variations and shades of each color.

Flower Morphology

The petals and sepals are usually in sets and multiples of six. Flowers are both male and female with six stamens and are usually cross pollinated.


Pollination is by beetles, moths or bees. After pollination, the stem curls up, pulling the flowers under the water where they die off and the seed develops.


  • Nymphaeales
  • Nymphaeaceae
  • Fragrant Water-Lily

Who Can Help

  • The International Waterlily & Water Gardening Society
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