Planting Information for Carnation Poppies


Carnation poppies have large, double flowers that are 4 to 5 inches across. The foliage is light green and the flowers come in pink, white, red, purple and yellow. The flower is sometimes called the peony poppy.

Planting Time

Carnation poppies can be planted in the early spring or fall. The blooms will start when the weather warms in the late spring or early summer.


Plant carnation poppies at least 24 inches apart to allow for the 12-inch width of healthy plants. The plants will grow to be as tall as 4 feet.


Plant your carnation poppies in full sun in climates that don't have high humidity levels. Though they like heat, they do best in dry heat. The poppies can be planted in USDA zones 7 through 11.

Seed Planting

When planting carnation poppy seeds, sow the seeds on the surface. This gives the seeds the light they need to germinate.


Deadhead poppies to prevent them reseeding if you don't want them growing again the following year. To deadhead, cut the dead flowers off the plant at the very base of the flower to prevent seeds from falling and re-sowing.


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