How to Make Small Compost Bins


Composting is now all the rage, and is simpler than people think. Not only is it an ideal way to improve your garden and household on a budget, it benefits the environment as well. You can create a small compost bin on your own, move it around freely, aerate the compost, and make an organic feed for your vegetables, flowers or fruits.

Step 1

Use the drill to create circulation holes all over the compost bin (the best thing to use is a medium sized bucket). These holes should be about 1/4 to 1/3 inches in diameter, and distributed evenly all up the sides and the bottom of the compost bin. Drill just enough so that water and air can circulate consistently and easily.

Step 2

Insert organic materials high in carbon and nitrogen into the compost bin. This includes items such as leftover vegetables, fruit, and coffee grounds.

Step 3

Add some water to the compost bin by drizzling it down the sides so it touches as much as possible. You want the compost bin to be consistently moist. Secure the lid to the compost bin.

Step 4

Keep the compost bin in an area where it gets full sun to quicken the composting.

Step 5

Move the bucket around each day in order to provide adequate air circulation and aerating. You can do this simply by rolling the bucket around on its edge for a minute.

Step 6

Water your bin consistently so that it is kept moist. Water speeds the composing process, too. If you aren't sure if your bin is moist enough, try picking up a handful of the materials, and squeeze. If it does not drip, add a couple cups of water down the sides of the compost bucket so all materials can get hydrated. Add a layer of straw to prevent odors.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket or container for compost bin
  • Organic materials
  • Drill and drill bit
  • Water
  • Bin lid
  • Straw


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