Recycling Ideas for Flower Pots

Flowers and horticultural gifts are always welcome and during the summer season it is easy to find ways to put them to use. However, once the blooms fade those pots can stack up. But there are many easy ways to reuse flower pots that will extend the life and use of the pot as well as depletes household clutter.

Shabby Chic Candle Holders

Small terra cotta flower pots make excellent votive candle holders. Use a primitive inspired ribbon tied in a bow under the pots rim, place the votive inside and you have instant shabby chic. Scents such as an apple cinnamon, vanilla or fresh baked cookies add to the country inspired theme.

Work of Art

According to Recycling-Revolution, a recycling resource, plastic flower pots can be redesigned using paint pens. Paint pens can be found at almost any art supply store in a variety of colors. Either stencil or free hand a new patterns or design on the pot. This is a great way to add continuity to any room in the house. Using a design prevalent in the room and copy it to a standard plastic pot. Then use the pot for a houseplant for instant art.

Outdoor Ashtrays

Terra cotta or other non-plastic material flower pots can become instant ashtrays when company is coming. Fill the pot more than half way up with commercial sand, which can be purchased at almost any craft store. Place the pot beside a back door or on a patio table for easy access.

Umbrella Stand

Large flower pots, specifically ornate ones, make great umbrella stands. Place these near an entrance way to ensure that you know where the umbrella is in a hurry out the door.


Large flower pots are also a great place to store garden tools. Rakes, hoes and shovels can be stored along with gloves, trowels and smaller garden tools. This ensures that your garden tools are all together come spring and you may want to fill the pot once its time to haul out the garden equipment.

Creative Candy Jars

Use paint pens to draw in a fun and festive design, such as bright polka-dots and stripes, and fill with candy. Add ribbon for a candy jar that is unique and green.

Gift Packaging

Fill an old, but clean, flower pot with garden gifts such as a small trowel, new gloves and a gardener's hand soap and give to a fellow gardening friend. Other gifts include starting a houseplant from one you currently own and passing it, along with the flower pot, along to a friend, co-worker or neighbor. Or line the pot with festive tissue and fill with baked goods.

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