Harmless Ways to Keep Your Dog From Digging in Your Flower Bed

Without a doubt, one thing dogs love to do is dig. While digging a hole in the yard to bury a bone is one thing, digging in your flower bed is another matter. Sometimes, dogs take to the flower bed in chase of wildlife. Others are bored or hunting a particular scent. Whatever the reason, there are harmless way to keep your dog from digging in your flower bed.

Behavioral Dog Training

Your dog can be trained not to go in your flowers. When the dog starts to dig, point to the ground and say an emphatic "no" while looking at your dog. Then lead the dog away. Continue to do this each time your dog heads to the flower beds. When your dog is outdoors and does not dig in your flower bed, reward him with a treat. Avoid the urge to punish your dog. He will simply continue the behavior when you are not around.

Water Sprinkler

If you have a sprinkler near your flower garden, turn it on whenever your dog starts to dig up your flower beds. While the water spray causes no harm to your dog, it serves as a consequence for digging in this area.

Dog Digging Area

If it is in the nature of your dog's breed to dig, consider designating an area of your yard as a dog digging area. Give him something to retrieve by burying dog toys, bones and other dog treats in the dirt. The next time you see your dog digging in your flower bed, bring him over to his own digging spot.

Landscaping Rocks

Placing landscaping rocks around the flowers in your garden makes the spot less appealing for digging. Dogs do not like the feel of rocks on their paws and are likely to stay away.

Chicken Wire

When designing your flower beds, incorporate chicken wire into the layout. Since dogs dislike the feel of chicken wire on their paws, place the chicken wire just under the surface of the soil to discourage digging.

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