How to Prune New Peach Trees


Peach trees are an ideal fruit tree for any garden or landscape, but they are one of the fruit trees that requires a lot of maintenance. It is important to prune young and old peach trees, but when they are young is the best time to train them in order to have the maximum fruit production. New peach trees are best pruned after the last frost. When pruning, keep in mind that an open center is the best shape as this allows the sunlight to reach most of the branches.

Step 1

Prune back damaged or dead branches with the shears or scissors (for smaller branches). Use the scissors to cut back any suckers growing up from the roots. These are small reddish branches.

Step 2

Use the loppers or shears to get rid of branches that are growing toward the center of the tree. Keep the center open when the tree is young for maximum air circulation, sunshine and hydration.

Step 3

Prune any hanging branches or shoots growing horizontally. Ideally, shoots should grow at a 45 to 50 degree angle.

Step 4

Prune back any buds once the peach tree has had its first bloom. This will create a larger bounty of juicy fruit in the future. Also, too much fruit can break the branches. Make sure that fruit grows only about 6 inches apart by pinching off buds by hand.

Step 5

Shape the peach tree when it is new if desired. Keep the top open but the sides can be rounded or squared off, whichever you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Loppers
  • Pruning scissors


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