What to Plant Along a Front Porch Railing

When deciding what to plant along a front porch railing keep in mind the eventual height and width of the plant you are going to plant. Plants suitable for locating along a front porch railing are plants that don't grow too large and block views or create security issues. Plants situated along a front porch railing can provide pleasing scents and color to enjoy while sitting or walking along the front porch.

Knockout Rose Bushes

The knockout rose is a rose bush developed by Texas A &M University and is a tough landscape plant that blooms most of the year. It only grows about 6 feet high and can be trimmed to shape at anytime without affecting the health of the plant.


Most salvia plants are perennial and produce blooms for butterflies and hummingbirds during the warmer months. They need to be trimmed back to green wood in the winter but most varieties reach 4-6 feet in height making salvia the perfect size for placing along a front porch railing.

Coral Vine

If you want a rambling vine to produce a great show along the porch railing try the coral vine. Coral vine grows long during the summer, but not too thick, so it won't rot wood by holding moisture. The coral vine produces pink flowers that are attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. Cut it back to the ground in winter and it will come back in late spring.

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