How to Trim Juniper Shrubs


Juniper shrubs are coniferous or evergreen plants with thin needle-like leaves. They require careful trimming on a regular basis to thrive. Trimming on a regular basis to thin branches and stems allows side branches to grow fuller. Trimming juniper trees encourages more symmetrical growth. Juniper shrubs that have been well-maintained do not require heavy pruning. Avoid trimming or pruning the "dead zone" at the center of the shrub.

Step 1

Remove new growths from the top that are taller than the main body of the juniper shrub, using hand pruners. Cut the stems near the dormant bud closest to the main body of the plant. This encourages compact growth.

Step 2

Trim outer stems around the outside of the shrub with hand pruners. Carefully cut the tips back so that new growth covers the cuts.

Step 3

Remove dead branches and secondary leaders with a pruning saw. Make cuts close to the main leader or the branch. Cut just above the dormant bud closest to the main body of the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Hand pruners
  • Pruning saw


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