How to Grow an Avocado Plant From a Seed


Avocados are native to South America and were later cultivated in Mexico. They are frequently used in Mexican cooking and have been found to be high in dietary fiber, potassium and other nutrients. Avocado trees, which grow to be about as tall as apple trees, can be started from the seed or pit found in the fruit purchased at any grocery store. The most common sprouting method used is by placing the seed in a small glass of water until roots are formed, with the resulting plant often being used as a houseplant.

Step 1

Remove the seed or pit from a ripe avocado and wash thoroughly. Allow it to dry overnight.

Step 2

Place the avocado seed on the table, with the bottom part (larger, flatter part) down. Stick three toothpicks on the circumference of the avocado seed. Place the toothpicks so that they are approximately in the middle of the seed.

Step 3

Place the seed in a glass of water with the toothpicks on the rim of the glass, holding the upper part of the seed out of the water. The bottom part of the seed should be covered with water. Place the glass in a sunny window.

Step 4

Maintain the water level in the glass, keeping the bottom of the seed covered with water at all times, until the avocado seed develops root. This can take eight to 12 weeks.

Step 5

Plant the seed in a good potting soil, which can be found at any garden center, once the roots have developed.

Step 6

Fertilize the avocado with a houseplant fertilizer that can be found at any garden center. Follow the instructions on the back of the package. Repeat once every three months.

Tips and Warnings

  • Avocados will not produce fruit indoors. Avocados can take as long as three months to start growing. You might want to start at least three seeds at one time, because not all seeds are mature enough to root and produce a new plant. There is also no way to determine how good a seed will be.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 ripe avocado
  • Small drinking glass
  • 3 toothpicks
  • 1 bag potting soil
  • Houseplant fertilizer


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