How To Water Weeping Willow Trees After Planting


When mature, weeping willow trees are very large, and because of their dramatic, "weeping" foilage they provide a lot of privacy and shade. They are often grown near water because they do best in a moist soil. When planting weeping willows, be sure you give it enough space to reach its full size. They generally grow to 35 feet to 45 feet tall and are about the same width. In the weeks and months after planting, weeping willows will need to be cared for to ensure they get enough water to establish a root system.

Watering weeping willows

Step 1

Attach hose to water spigot.

Step 2

Run hose to weeping willow sapling, making sure there are no kinks preventing water from flowing freely.

Step 3

Turn on hose.

Step 4

Water the sapling, allowing the water to run for several minutes so the entire root system is thoroughly watered.

Step 5

Turn off hose.

Step 6

Check soil around the sapling to make sure it has not eroded and exposed the tree's root system. If it is exposed, carefully replace it so none of the roots are visible.

Things You'll Need

  • Hose
  • Water


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