Ideas for Unique Homemade Window Box Planters

Window boxes are ideal home accents or container garden options for any home or apartment. Building your own window boxes allows you to have those that are just the right size for your windows and your plants. You can also express your creativity through your window boxes, using paint, finishing techniques and more to match the look of your home with bold or subtle window box designs.

Adding Trims

While the ordinary window box from the home improvement center is affordable and functional, it lacks anything to make it stand out from the crowd. Adding molding to your window box can change the look. Choose a scalloped molding for a country cottage appearance, a heavy crown-style molding for a classic and elegant look or stack moldings for a more elaborate look. Accent your window box with wooden appliques from a craft or hardware store. Attach trims to your basic window box with finish nails or wood glue and clamps.

Paint and Finish

Paint can add personality to your window box. While a basic, rectangular window box is nothing unusual, you can paint your window box to suit the style of your home or add a character all its own. Consider a bold, bright color; you can also paint or stencil a design onto your window box, add stripes or dots, or paint your window box to match your home to allow the plants to serve as the focus. Faux-finish techniques, including wood graining, brick finishes and even metallics, can all work for window boxes.

Cover the Box

Surround your basic box with various materials for a different look. Try picket fencing for a cozy cottage look. Wrap the box with chicken wire and secure with a staple gun, or attach birch bark with finish nails and glue. Create a mosaic using glass tiles or broken dishes and grout on your window boxes. Depending upon the choices you make, this can look very sophisticated or warm and casual. Choose ceramic tiles in solids or patterns for a different look on your window box.

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