Good Plants for Patio Covers

Patios can be the ultimate outdoor dining and living area to enjoy in every season. By adding colorful plants and flowers, you can create a private and intimate setting. Adding perennials, which will ensure a long-lasting garden, will provide the space with a permanent design that will only grow hardier and stronger every year. Adding in color with lush vibrant plants will beckon you outside to enjoy your landscape.


Shrubs can be the perfect addition to your patio and create privacy while adding a vibrant design. Larger shrubs, like a colorful butterfly bush mixed with smaller shrubs, such as hydrangeas, will line the patio while bringing in essential height. Both bushes are perennials, which grow back fuller and healthier each year, and prefer full sun to part shade. Another beautiful shrub to plant around the patio for privacy is forsythia. A stunning shrub that prefers to be planted in groups, the forsythia has long, expansive branches that begin their bright yellow blooms in early spring. Each year, they will grow taller and provide plenty of cover around the patio area.


Evergreens make perfect patio covers and will remain a vibrant green throughout the year. Cedar trees, which can grow up to 30 feet tall can create a completely private patio area. Plant them side-by-side around the perimeter of the patio for a private spot to enjoy entertaining with friends and family. Because spruce trees will grow full and wide overtime, plant the trees at least 5 feet apart. Cedar trees are also available in a variety of species which range in height and width, depending upon the tree. For a smaller patio, consider planting a dwarf cedar tree that won't take up as much space.

Creeping Vines

Creeping vines, with their hardy and fast-growing tendrils, will cover a patio while creating a lush and green design. For partially walled-in patios, plant the vines at the base of the wall and train the creepers to grow up and around the wall. Use garden wire to help the tendrils stick to the wall and prevent the vine from falling over. Creeping hydrangea and moon flowers are excellent climbers and have vibrant blooms of purple and white, as well as strong vines that will naturally adhere to the structure. For an open patio, wedge the feet of the trellis into a large container and use the trellis as the backdrop and structure to support the vines. Put the container on the edge of the patio to use as a cover and privacy screen. Consider planting two or three trellis structures in containers and place them side-by-side for the ultimate patio cover and outdoor privacy screen.

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