Landscaping Ideas for Curb Appeal

Landscaping to increase the curb appeal of your front yard space helps to create an inviting and stunning design. Add a focal point, such as a weeping willow tree, to draw the eye into the front yard space and to create an elegant addition. Nestle stepping stones in the yard and around the garden to stroll along in the evenings and as a welcoming component to your front yard. No matter how small or large your yard is, adding a few colorful plants and flowers will increase the curb appeal of your space.

Focal Point

Add a focal point to your landscape to up the curb appeal and add design in your front yard space. Focal points can be anything from a row of flowering shrubs to a stunning tree. A particularly magnificent tree to plant is a Japanese maple tree. With their vibrant leaves that begin their fire-like colors of red and orange in the fall, the branches of the maple have a cascading effect that droop close to the ground and create a canopy underneath. For small yards, the maple is available in the dwarf variety, which won't take up a lot of room in your front yard. Another particularly lovely blooming tree is the Bradford pear tree. The Bradford pear has white and fluffy flowers cover the tree, making it look as though it's covered in snow. Bradford pear trees also look stunning when lining a driveway or front walk.

Stone Path

Nothing is more inviting in the front yard than a stone pathway. Using stones, like slate or flagstone, with their neutral earth-toned colors, will blend into the landscape and set off nearby plants and flowers. Lay the stones every 1 to 2 feet. Follow the natural curve of your front yard when laying the stones. Plant colorful creeping ground cover, like blue star creeper, between the stones. This perennial plant will fill out the areas between each stone and add touches of light blue flowers beginning in early spring. Sweet thyme, another creeping vine, is a fast grower and will creep around the stones along the path. As you walk along the path, the fragrant and aromatic scent of the herb will permeate the garden.

Herb Garden

Typically an herb garden is grown in your back yard, but why not use these textured and fragrant plants in your front yard to help amp up the curb appeal of the yard. With their green foliage and delicate flowers, herbs not only help to create visual interest, but can be used in your favorite recipes. Herbs like dill--with its tall stems--look particularly lovely along a fence line. To create this vibrant garden, remember that balance is key. Mixing different heights and widths is essential in creating a cohesive space. Start by planting tall herbs like cilantro and rosemary in the back of the bed. Mix in medium-sized herbs like sage and basil throughout the front and sides of the bed. Sage is particularly lovely with its silvery blooms and has the ability to spread profusely over the years. Don't forget to fill out the front of the bed with low-growing herbs like oregano and thyme, both which will creep around the front of the bed and help to fill out the space.

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