How to Prune Knock Out Rose Bushes


Knock Out Roses are a family of trademarked shrub roses developed by the Conrad Pyle Co. for their heat and cold tolerance, resistance to disease, low maintenance requirements and long seasonal bloom. Knock Out Roses should be pruned in the early spring each year after the last hard frost has passed. Unlike traditional roses, Knock Out Roses are not pruned one cane at a time, but sheared down evenly to a few feet above the crown.

Step 1

Cut down the entire Knock Out shrub to a foot or two feet above the crown of the rose or roughly half of its original size. What appears harsh will result in rapid growth and more profuse blooming.

Step 2

Clean up all of the cuttings and any debris that has fallen or been blown under the rose during the winter to leave the soil surface clean and prevent the spread of disease or the harboring of insects.

Step 3

Water deeply after pruning and cleaning up the soil. Drench the soil and apply a fresh layer of shredded bark or cocoa bean hull mulch around the base of the rose. Keep the mulch a few inches out from the trunk of the rose and extend it at least a few inches past the drip line.

Things You'll Need

  • Long-blade shears or loppers
  • Organic mulch


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