Fencing Ideas for Gardens

Gardeners choose to fence a garden for several reasons, including to keep out garden pests such as deer or rabbits, provide privacy, keep out vandals, create a windbreak, lessen road noise or simply for decoration. If you're building a fence to keep out deer it will need to be at least 7 feet high. To keep out small mammals, any openings must be less than 2 inches wide along the bottom of the fence.

Wood Fencing

There are many types and styles of wood available to use as a fence. Cedar is a long lasting type of wood that can be purchased already cut into panels or boards that can be used to cover a wood frame. You may also be able to find old wood boards to recycle to make a rustic fence.

Field Fencing

Field fencing or field netting is inexpensive and is easy to install by securing the fencing to upright posts. Choose a type that has openings 2 inches or smaller to keep out smaller animals. Field fencing is available in 50-,100- and 200-foot rolls.

Hog Panels

Hog panels are readily available at hardware stores or fencing supply stores. They are pre-cut panels with larger openings, usually 6 x 6 inches and 20 feet long. They are rigid and easy to install once your frame is set up.

Bamboo Panels

Bamboo panels create privacy and will keep out deer and rabbits because they are solid from top to bottom. They are available at garden centers and larger nurseries and are easy to attach to a wooden or metal frame.


Lattice is usually found in 4 x 8-foot panels at most hardware stores and can be attached to a frame to create a light duty fence. Lattice is made by creating a criss-cross pattern over a wood frame with thin pieces of wood or plastic. Lattice panels are available in long-lasting plastic or wood treated to resist decay.

Chain Link

Chain link fence or hurricane fencing is seen throughout the South. It has small openings that allow smaller mammals to enter, but provides some security and helps designate property boundaries. Chain link fences properly installed can last for 100 years or more.

Picket Fence

A picket fence painted white adds a nice decorative touch to the garden. A picket fence is made by attaching upright boards or "pickets" to a wooden frame with a small space in between the pickets. Picket fences are usually no more than 4 feet tall. Decay-resistant picket fence panels are available in larger hardware stores and are easy to install.

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