The Best Plants in an Office

For many people, spending hours in an office setting is quite the norm. So much so, that the office can seem like a home away from home. While many office environments can be drab in appearance or have poor indoor air quality, it can be easily remedied by bringing in a plant. There are many plants that can be grown successfully in an office setting, offering a natural boost, making it a more colorful and livelier place to be.


For those who desire to dress up an office space with a plant but don't have much time for maintenance, choose philodendrons. Philodendrons grow well in a wide range of indoor conditions and will still thrive with little care. Keep the plant's leaves shiny by occasionally misting them with water. As a result from being indoors, the plant may easily collect dust. Gently wipe the plant's leaves to remove dust to prevent its pores from becoming clogged.

English Ivy

Some indoor spaces, office environments in particular, are known for their stale or unpleasant air. For two years, NASA scientists studied 19 plants that, when grown properly, will remove improve indoor air quality. English ivy was at the top of the list. The plant is especially a good choice for an indoor plant as it can become an invasive plant when planted outdoors. The English ivy prefers indirect light and regular watering.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

Dress up your cubicle or office with a plant that goes beyond typical green foliage. The Madagascar dragon tree is certain to be a conversation piece as it sprouts red-edged, glossy spikes from its woody stems. The plant grows slowly indoors and is partial to light shade or low light. Be sure to plant in well-drained soil. The plant needs to be watered sparingly and requires little other maintenance.

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