Proper Names of Hybrid Roses

There are over 100 species of true roses, and many more species of hybrid roses in the world. Hybrid roses are roses that have been specifically bread to enhance certain features. No one is certain how long humans have hybridized roses, because roses have been cultivated since before recorded times. However, many modern species of hybrids can trace their ancestry as far back as 19th century France.

Crimson Queen

Crimson Queen is a red rose hybrid perpetual known for the size of its blooms. Each rose bloom has a head of swirling flowers in crimson, maroon or red. It is hearty from USDA zones 5 through 9, and grows between 4 and 7 feet tall. The rose bloom puts out a strong fragrance that is reminiscent of antique rose scent. This rose is a repeat bloomer, and will produce blooms from spring through fall.

Sunflare Floribunda

Floribunda roses are hybrids that were introduced early in the 20th century to be an abundant producer. The flowers are produced in a spray with intense fragrance. Floribundas are typically hearty to zone 6, and grow as a compact bush. Sunflare Floribunda is a yellow hybrid with a light, fruity fragrance.

Penelope Hybrid Musk

Penelope is a variety of hybrid musk, a rose variety that was bred for its fragrance. This fragrance is released freely in the air as the roses grow. Penelope is known for semi-double blooms of pale pink or creamy white flowers with a perfume vaguely citrus in nature. Hybrid musks are known as shrub roses that produce a thick cascade of blooms.

Rose a Parfum de l'Hay

Although Rose a Parfum de l'Hay has a French name, it is a hybrid of the Rugosa species, a Japanese variety. Rugosa hybrids grow as dense shrubs around 4 feet in height. Rose a Parfum de l'Hay is characterized by deeply cupped flowers with fuchsia double blooms and thick, sharp thorns. As is true of Rugosa hybrids, this variety has a strong scent. It is hearty from zones 5 through 8, and has minor mildew problems in the fall.

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