How to Grow Hoodia Gordonii Plants


Hoodia gordonii is an African spiny succulent that is widely praised for its medicinal properties. While it is tempting to grow hoodia at home, it can be a difficult plant to cultivate. Although it grows successfully in several different African climates, it needs to be grown indoors when not sown in its native continent. Before you plan a spot for hoodia by your windowsill, you need to know that its large flowers smell like rotten meat.

Step 1

Fill a planting tray with quality potting soil mixed with a cup of aged, sieved compost.

Step 2

Plant as many hoodia seeds as you desire onto the surface of the soil (provided that they are at least 1 inch apart).

Step 3

Lightly sprinkle soil over the the hoodia gordonii seeds, so that they are just barely covered (the soil should be no more than 1/5 inch deep).

Step 4

Water the seeds lightly so that the soil is moist. Keep the soil slightly moist while the seeds are germinating, but do not overwater them. Once the seeds have germinated, lightly water them four times a week during the growing season, and only twice a week during the winter months.

Step 5

Move the tray to a windowsill or other indoor sunny location.

Step 6

After one year, move each plant to its own 4-inch clay pot filled with potting soil.

Step 7

Move hoodia gordonii to larger containers as needed. When mature, it will reach a height of roughly 1 foot and will develop up to 10 branches.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Aged compost
  • Planting tray
  • Pot


  • South African National Biodiversity Institute: Hoodia gordonii
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