How to Use a Riding Lawnmower


Though more expensive, riding lawnmowers are great for those who have large lawns, those who are disabled and those who simply do not want to mow their lawns with traditional push mowers. While relatively easy to use, there are some techniques that should be used when using a riding lawn mower in order to ensure that the rider does not fall off the mower and does not become injured by the blades or by tilting the lawnmower over.

Normal Operation

Step 1

Fill the lawn mower completely with gasoline before operating the lawnmower. Having the lawnmower shut down, especially when traveling up a slope, can be dangerous. When filling up the lawnmower, do not smoke. Avoid filling up the lawnmower indoors. Also, do not fill up the lawnmower with gasoline while it is running.

Step 2

Pull the pull string in order to get the engine started for the riding lawnmower.

Step 3

Turn the safety switch on the riding lawnmower off.

Step 4

Shift the riding lawnmower into first gear with the shift knob. The lawnmower will start moving forward immediately.

Step 5

Use the steering wheel like a car to control the direction in which the riding lawnmower travels.

Step 6

Mow the lawn by traveling forward. While the riding lawnmower can travel backward, traveling backward can cause the lawnmower to run into objects accidentally that can damage the lawnmower or flip it. Mow the lawn in rows, turning the lawnmower around every time you reach the end of your lawn in order to travel the opposite direction in a line parallel to the path you've just mowed.

Step 7

Mow directly up and down slopes and not sideways because mowing sideways can increase the chances of flipping the lawnmower over. Do not stop or turn on the slop. Wait until you've reached the top of the slope.

Step 8

Avoid holes and rocks because they can both damage the lawnmower and potentially flip the lawnmower over, causing injury or death.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep your hands and feet away from the rotating parts on the riding lawnmower. Only allow adults to operate a riding lawnmower. No one should be riding with you on the riding lawnmower. Make sure the material that discharges from the lawnmower does not hit anyone or any object. Avoid using the riding lawnmower near ditches.

Things You'll Need

  • Riding lawn mower


  • Consumer Product Safety Commission: Riding Lawnmowers
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