How to Take Care of a Hyacinthus Plant


Plants classified in the Hyacinthus genus (sometimes called the Hyacinthaceae family) are fragrant, early spring-blooming bulbs. The most common of these are the hyacinth flowers. The hyacinth's tightly-clustered blooms pack a powerful punch with their strong, pleasing scent and bright colors. There are over 30 different species of hyacinths. The most popular species is simply called the garden hyacinth, and it is what you will find in most spring bulb gardens. These hardy, long-lasting bulb plants are very easy to care for.

Step 1

Apply organic compost in the spring when shoots first begin to emerge from the soil. Use your hands or a trowel to work the compost into the soil around each shoot, but do not bury them.

Step 2

Cut back the flowering stalk on the plant when the flowers have wilted, but do not do anything to the leaves.

Step 3

Let the leaves die completely. They will return unused nutrients to the bulb as they die. Once they are brown and withered, pluck them off the plant. They are usually ready to be plucked in early fall.

Step 4

Spread a layer of straw or hay over the plant beds in the fall, before the first hard frost. This will help protect the bulbs in the event of an exceptionally cold winter.

Things You'll Need

  • Gardening gloves
  • Organic compost
  • Trowel


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Who Can Help

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