Information on Winter Flowers


Plants that bloom in the winter have long-lasting flowers that are usually quite fragrant. There are many varieties to choose from that will add a welcome splash of color against an otherwise dreary winter landscape.


Hellebores are also known as Christmas or Lenten roses. Their green, white, purple or red flowers have an extended winter bloom period.

Kaffir Lily

This lily, native to South Africa, provides vivid winter color with bright red or pink blooms. They will blossom from November to January if the weather is mild enough.


Sweetbox is a bushy shrub with dark, glossy green leaves. Its fragrant clusters of creamy white flowers bloom late in winter.


The bare, woody stems of wintersweet come to life in the middle of winter with fragrant yellow blooms tinged with purple.


Blooming from early January to the middle of February, the spidery flowers of witchhazel range in color from vivid red to yellow.


  • Oregon State University Extension
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