Tuscan Garden Ideas

A Tuscan garden is fresh, beautiful and welcoming. Equally well-suited to being a formal garden or a more rustic one, the Tuscan garden incorporates both formal plantings and practical vegetables and herbs. With modifications, a Tuscan garden can work well in most moderate climates and will look especially pretty with a European- or Tuscan-influenced home.

Edging and Borders

Choose evergreens like the Italian Cypress to create a defined Tuscan garden space. These trees can grow and thrive in gardening zones 7 to 11. They create a tall, narrow shape with a defined vertical appearance. The Blue Point Juniper is an alternative that is much more cold-hardy, thriving in climates as cool as zone 4. Plant borders of these evergreens around the perimeter of your garden. Groomed boxwood or bay hedges are another option for your Tuscan garden design.

Creeping Vines

Create the historical feel of the modern Tuscan garden by planting delicate vines near walls and fences. Take the time to anchor your plants as they grow, and allow them to become exuberant. Choose flowering vines with a sweet smell, like wisteria or climbing roses for the most authentic look. Select plants best suited to your environment, soil and climate for the ultimate result. Perennial vines are ideal; however, quick growing annuals are also an option.


Plant boxwood, yew or other small shrubs in large terracotta planters. Use garden shears to form these plants into classic topiary shapes. Neat spheres, either trimmed low or allowed to grow atop a sturdy trunk, are a classic choice for a Tuscan garden. Use your topiaries along a porch, stairway or to accent a patio area in your Tuscan garden.

Rustic Tuscan Gardens

Create the feel of a beautiful rustic Tuscan farmhouse by replacing your lawn with fields of wildflowers. Poppies are a classic choice for the Italian garden; however, select native plants for your Tuscan garden. Do not hesitate to include beds for plantings of fragrant herbs and a kitchen garden in your Tuscan garden design.

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