Succulent Plant Ideas

Succulents are plants that have adapted to grow in areas with low moisture. Although most succulents are drought tolerant, not all succulents thrive in full sun, with no additional water, or in freezing temperatures. Many types of succulents are suitable for growing in the garden once growing requirements are met.

Ice Plant

The ice plant grows between rocks in a rock garden as well as in containers. It survives in dry weather and has a pink or red daisy-like flower that blooms all summer. It is low-growing to 6 inches tall and spreads 8-10 inches. The ice plant is not tolerant of long periods of freezing weather.

Sedum Pachyclados

Low growing succulent groundcover with small pink flowers. The leaves form interesting rosettes as it grows thickly in between rocks in the rock garden. Only 2 inches tall, the sedum pachyclados is drought- and freeze-tolerant.

Variegated Yucca

Variegated yuccas grow 3 feet high in well-drained soil. The white bloom spikes can temporarily add another 6 feet or more to the height. They display strap-like variegated leaves that are not as rigid as many yucca plants. They can be used as a specimen plant, although they occasionally spread by underground runners creating offsets that grow into new plants.

Smooth Prickly Pear Cactus

Smooth prickly pear cactus is a good succulent for the landscape if you need to fill a large area. The smooth prickly pear has no needles to cause injury so it can be placed in areas with higher traffic or where children play. It grows to 3 feet high and can spread up to 6 feet wide.

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