How to Prune Vinca Vine


Vinca vine is a fast-growing perennial vine. It grows best in the shade, which makes it the perfect choice for planting under trees and shrubs where other ground covers and grasses might not do as well. Vinca vines produce small bluish-lavender blooms in the spring, which earned it the nickname of "periwinkle." While vinca is a relatively no-care plant, it can be quite invasive if totally ignored. Periodic pruning can help to control the spread of this vine.

Step 1

Pull the end of the vine up from the ground. Vinca spreads along the top of the ground and sends out new roots from the nodes (the thicker parts) along the stems. To make sure that you get this new growth cut away, pull the end of the vine completely out of the ground, thereby pulling any new roots out of the soil.

Step 2

Cut away as much of the vine as desired. After you have pulled up the desired length of the vinca vine, just cut off the vine at the end of the section.

Step 3

Discard the vinca vine in the compost bin or trash. Do not just throw the pieces of vinca vine on the ground. They will take root, and you will have more vinca than when you starting pruning.

Tips and Warnings

  • You can easily cut back vinca with a weed trimmer; however, this will not remove the roots growing along the stems. If you want to control the spread of your vinca, pulling it out of the ground is your best option.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp pruning shears


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