Creative Gardening Ideas

Enjoy your outside garden while you sit amongst your flowers, or inside a cozy arbor space. Add color plants and shrubs around the garden for a stunning and vibrant design. Use the space to create focal points and areas to enjoy with friends and family. Creating visually interesting and functional spaces around your landscape will keep you outdoors throughout the year.


Add a wood arbor to your outdoor space for a dazzling focal point to your garden. Situate the arbor in the garden landscape as a gateway into other areas of the garden. Under the arbor, create an outdoor dining space by adding a set of table and chairs. Place a few potted plants filled with your favorite flowers for a cozy and colorful ambiance. This new space is ideal for entertaining, or simply as a space for pure relaxation. To add privacy and help provide shade during the warm summer months, plant flowering vines around the base of the structure. Creeping hydrangea or wisteria are gorgeous when in bloom, and are both vigorous growers.

Water Garden

Nestle a water garden within your landscape for a relaxing feature to enjoy in your outdoor space. Water gardens can be created in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Use a plastic, pre-shaped liner or convert a garden container or pot into a fully-functional water feature. Whichever design you choose, be sure to plant beautiful water flowers like water lilies and hyacinths inside the feature. Adding colorful fish can also be beneficial to your feature; they keep the number of algae down, which helps to keep the water garden clean. To top off this already spectacular design, install a spotlight around the water feature or nestle a set of solar lights on each side of the landscape. At night, the water will flicker and sparkle under the lights.


Create vibrant and lush containers to nestle among the landscape and garden area. Unusual containers like an old recycled wheel barrel can be used to grow colorful plants. Mix in perennial plants, which will shoot up each year, with annual fillers like pansies. Add creepers like thyme or a ground cover like sedum to cascade over the pot and spread around the garden. Containers are also available in various heights and colors to help you create your own design and help you tie in colors from other areas of the garden.

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