How to Plant a Lawn in Southeastern Virginia


Maintaining a lawn in southeastern Virginia can be a challenge. While its springs, summers, and falls resemble those of states further south, its winters can be harsh. Choosing the right grass seed and following a tried and true planting plan can save frustration and money.

Step 1

Choose a suitable grass seed for your southeastern Virginia lawn. The grass types suitable for the area include Kentucky Bluegrass and red fescue. Grasses such as Bermuda grass may not last through the winter in Virginia without significant freeze damage.

Step 2

Prepare the lawn site for planting. Remove all weeds and rocks from the area and rake flat. Add compost or aged manure to a depth of 2 inches and dig into the soil to combine.

Step 3

Plant the seeds. Late summer or early fall is the best time to plant a lawn in southeastern Virginia. This allows time for the grass to become established before cold weather sets in. You will need approximately a pound of grass seed for 300 square feet. Broadcast manually or from a seed dispenser, ensuring even coverage of the area. Rake the bed gently after planting to cover the seeds.

Step 4

Fertilize the newly-planted seed with a grass fertilizer high in phosphorus, which is good for root growth. Water the area gently with a sprinkler until the seed and fertilizer are thoroughly moist without any standing water.

Step 5

Block off your new lawn with wooden stakes and string to keep people and pets off of the newly-germinating lawn. If you have encroachments from deer or other yard pests, consider fencing the area with chicken wire fencing.

Step 6

Water the new lawn every other day if there is no rain until grass is 1 inch high; then taper off to weekly watering to allow the grass roots to grow deeper in search of water. Begin to mow the grass when it is 2 inches high.

Things You'll Need

  • Grass seed
  • Garden rake


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